Saturday, 8 December 2007


Thanksgiving here in London started off with football as ussual. The only difference was that because we have 33 female students plus our girls and Janey and Lucy, we started off with some powder puff games. Jeff split the girls into 4 teams and we had sort of a play off. After that we added the boys. So there were many games and lots of mud.

One of the girls teams, Kyla, Sloane, Kellee, Chelsea, Jennifer, Amy, Katy, and Carly

The group that stayed around to the last game.

Another powder puff team, Janey, Katelyn, Katy, Rachel, Kelsey, Haley, Jan, and Bethany.

Big daddy was the QB for his team.

Hansen going out for one of Jeff's passes.

Jeff trying to referee.

Kelsey being QB for her powder puff team.
Eliza's team, Eliza, Emily, Lucy, Bethany, Lauren, Kristen, Katy, and Kate.


A little fun in the mud post games.

After some intense clean-up, we sat down to a delicious dinner.

Tina still made a lot of the food, but we stayed up late the night before making rolls, pies, jello and stuffing. Kris was on the stuffing, Jenniffer on the pies, and I was on the rolls and of course many students helped.

Ely and Cambridge

Kelsey and Spencer got to come on our day trip with us. It was a crisp clear day. We went to Ely first. The cathedral there was amazing.

Kelsey shares these shoes that were purchased at D.I. with some friends in the dorms, "the traveling shoes". She got to bring them on the trip, so she had to document everywhere that they went. So here they are at the Ely Cathedral.

We had our great sack lunches behind the Cathedral.

We walked in to Cambridge along the backs.

Catching some air by King's college.

Hansen playing the jump onto Matt's shoulders. Matt is 6'2'', so it's harder than it looks.

I'm not sure which of the amazing colleges this was. It was fun to have the girls together again this week.

Greg, Hansen, Kelsey, Spencer, Sloane, Eliza, Annie, Marin.

The fam in King's college quad.

It was a really fun day, but we did have one little mishap on the way back to the coach. We were crossing one of the busy streets and it was clear of cars, but apparently not free of bikes. This guy was riding along very quickly and it was already pretty dark and he ran smack into Eliza's backside. She was a little shaken up, but neither her or the cyclist were hurt.

Thursday, 6 December 2007

Hampton Court with the Kids

Tuesday Kelsey and Spencer went to Westminster Abbey, then we met up with them and headed out to Hampton Court. Brad and Ann went to Paris Monday and Tuesday, so they were not with us.

Kelsey and Eliza in the courtyard.

We finally figured out the maze.

It was fun and we had it mostly to ourselves. Then we got back in time for dinner and Kelsey and Katy went to Wicked.

Monday with Kels and Spence

We went first thing in the morning to get Hairspray tickets, then they headed off to the British Museum, and I headed back to the flat to do school with the kids. Then we met up at the national portrait gallery.

We headed down Whitehall, but unfortunately Westminster was closed. so we walked over to the Imperial War Museum.

A very fun night at Hairspray.

Sunday with Kelsey

Sunday we picked Kelsey up from Victoria had lunch and then headed to the museums.

After we dropped off their luggage, we walked through the park to get to the museums.

The natural History Museum.

In the V&A we found some fun dress ups.

Outside the V&A.

After the museums we walked to Harrods, through Green Park to Buckingham, then up Piccadilly to Picadilly Circus and bussed home on the 94. This was a stop out of the rain in the Burlington Arcade.

Saturday with Brad and Ann and Kids

We took them on the marathon walk through the parks and to Westminster and then up to Trafalgar and the National Gallery. The walk always keeps people awake on the first day. Dave and Katy joined us for the parks part.

Kids on the peter pan statue. Crossing from Hyde Park to Green Park through Wellington Arch.

Back at the flat for cards, cookies and fun.

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Visitors, Visitors, Visitors

We had visitors rolling in all weekend. Hansen's friend, Taylor and his family, arrived Friday. Brad, Ann, Janey and Lucy, got in Saturday. Then Kelsey and Spencer flew in Sunday. We had a flat full of fun.

Taylor and Hansen on Portobello.

Cousins at 27 Palace Ct.

Spencer and Kelsey after they trained into Victoria Station.
Taylor's family only were around for the weekend, but the cousins and Kelsey and Spencer stayed for a week and were here for thanksgiving.